Happy Leap Day!

Just for fun, we put together a couple of resources to celebrate Leap Year:

29 Activities to Do with Kids on Leap Day that Require Little to No Planning —The Home School Classroom dot net. Personally, I will be doing item #8 with my kids “… since Leap Day rarely happens, take the day as an opportunity to go on a field trip to somewhere you have never been before.” The Jepson Center is free this week!

Leap Day traditions and superstitions on February 29 via timeanddate.com

The New York Times Learning Network: 10 Activities for Learning About Leap Year and Other Calendar Oddities By Patrick Honner and Holly Epstein Ojalvo

Watch the flick “Leap Year,” starring Amy Adams which “…according to Irish tradition, a man who receives a marriage proposal on a leap day must accept it.”

What are your plans for this day? Please share your comments here or on our Facebook page. Happy Leap Day!

2011 Savannah Veterans Day Parade

The 62nd Annual Savannah Veterans Day Parade starts at 10:50 a.m., Nov. 11, on Abercorn at Gwinnett street. It will be led by 2011 Parade Marshall LTC Byron Stephens Jr., U.S. Army, Retired. LTC Stephens has been active in supporting our deployed troops — including those who have returned and wounded warriors — by organizing Take a Soldier Fishing events and other activities.

The 2011 Veteran of the Year is Joe Conners Sr., a U.S. Marine Corps and Korean War veteran who has been active for many years in support of veterans. He has been Chairman of Veterans Council and Commander of several veterans organizations.

This year’s parade will feature MG Robert (Abe) Abrams, Commanding General of the 3rd Infantry Division, who will be marching, not riding. MG Abrams’ troops, recently returned from deployment to Iraq. Also marching will be the Ranger Battalion, Combat Aviation Brigade, and the perennial favorite: The 400 Cadets of Benedictine Military School, 3rd Infantry Division Army Band and many other units and bands.

The route of march starts at Gwinnett heading north on Abercorn, west on Oglethorpe Ave., north on Montgomery St., east on Broughton St. (over which will be hung with pride the flags of veterans whose coffins were draped by those flags donated, for the Veterans Day honor of being displayed to remember their service to their nation).

Source: Veteran’s Council of Chatham County